Group Introduction


Grew over more than 80 years to become Japan’s largest funeral services company

Growth of the funeral business since starting operations in 1932

SAN HOLDINGS dates back to 1932 when KOEKISHA started operations in Kitahama, Osaka. Guided by the slogan of “creating funerals from the heart,” the company grew steadily before and after the war. The Senri Hall opened in 1971 near Osaka, the first step toward establishing a nationwide network of funeral halls. In 1994, KOEKISHA became Japan’s first publicly owned funeral services company. In 2001, the company was first in the industry to achieve first section listings on the stock exchanges of Tokyo and Osaka. In 2004, the company was renamed SAN HOLDINGS INC. because of the change to a holding company structure and all group companies reaffirmed their dedication to providing high-quality services from the heart.

Image: The KOEKISHA Head Office building in about 1957The KOEKISHA Head Office building in about 1957

An enterprising spirit dating back to our inception

One story of KOEKISHA’s origin concerns individuals who worked at a department store and had the idea of starting a funeral business at the store. Instead, they decided to leave the department store and start the funeral business, a venture business at that time, on their own.
As one way to modernize the funeral business, KOEKISHA was an incorporated company from the very beginning. There were many innovations. Employees wore uniforms and hats. The company placed advertisements on buses and distributed a funeral catalog with prices. This same spirit of creating revolutionary ideas in the funeral business is still strong today at all group companies.

Image: A KOEKISHA employee in the late 1930sA KOEKISHA employee in the late 1930s

Five operating companies drive the group’s growth

Three funeral companies, one funeral services company and one website portal company

SAN HOLDINGS is the parent company of the funeral companies KOEKISHA, SOU-SEN and TARUI as well as EXCEL SUPPORT SERVICE, a provider of services required for funerals, and Life Forward, which operates a portal site for end-of-life services. All five companies are operated as integral members of the group in order to fully benefit from the scale of funeral operations and maximize synergies among these companies.


Serving the Tokyo and Kinki areas as well as the San-in region

SAN HOLDINGS holds more than 10,000 funerals every year, primarily at funeral halls in the Tokyo and Kinki areas with large population. As of June, 2021, the group operated 72 funeral halls: 13 in the Tokyo area, 46 in the Kinki area (25 in Osaka prefecture), and 13 in the San-in region (Tottori and Shimane prefectures). In recent years, growth has been focused on moving quickly to open funeral halls that dominate the areas they serve, mainly in the Tokyo and Kinki areas. The aim is to strengthen our position in existing locations and expand to more areas.


2The Strengths of SAN HOLDINGS

① More than 14,000 funerals annually

The SAN HOLDINGS Group uses unique knowledge gained over many years to evolve continuously in order to reflect changes in society, markets and customers’ needs. Currently, group companies hold more than 14,000 funerals every year, a clear indication of the excellent reputation these companies have earned.


② 72 facilities, mainly in the Tokyo and Kansai areas, where people can gather to say farewell to the deceased

There were 72 funeral halls as of June, 2021, primarily in the Tokyo and Kansai areas. Every hall is designed for the greatest possible comfort and convenience, including rooms for family members to say farewell to the deceased and accommodations for several hours or even overnight for people come far from the funeral site.


③ A large number of experienced funeral directors

As of November 2020, the SAN HOLDINGS Group had 315 people who have been certified as directors of funerals and other ceremonies by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Certification requires acquiring the knowledge and skills required for overseeing these important events and as a result, we have been providing high quality services with these professionals. People are our most valuable asset and the primary source of corporate value. This is why we have a department devoted exclusively to training programs. By using a well-structured training system and on-the-job guidance, we give our people the know-how to provide services with a distinctive spirit of hospitality. We are determined to achieve the greatest possible customer satisfaction.

Image: 葬祭ディレクター

④ Embalming service

Our funeral services include the option of embalming in order to present the deceased at a funeral in a state that is as close as possible to appearance prior to death. As of July 31, 2019, embalming services were offered by only 24 companies in Japan, including KOEKISHA and TARUI.


⑤ Comprehensive support before and after the funeral

The SAN HOLDINGS Group has the resources and expertise to provide assistance extending from consultations prior to a funeral to subsequent support. After a funeral, group companies offer help with procedures, inheritance questions, a residence and many other items. Total support is a source of value in the form of confidence. People have increasingly diverse needs and wants in the final stage of life. We respond with new services such as family lineage diagrams and digital technology for dealing with personal belongings of the deceased. We will continue to add more new services to meet an even broader range of requirements.


⑥ An industry leader for company funerals and farewell events

Company funerals with many attendants are an opportunity to remember the accomplishments of the deceased as well as strengthen relationships with business partners and others. Holding these important events requires a company with proven reliability. Our group has been conducting these funerals since shortly after our inception. Today, we have the dominant share of the company funeral market in the Kansai area and our market share has been increasing rapidly in the Tokyo area, too.


⑦ The Hidamari Club – Support for families after the funeral

KOEKISHA, the core company of the SAN HOLDINGS Group, started the Hidamari Club in 2003 to offer assistance to families following a funeral. This move attracted much attention as the first grief care service of a funeral services company. At the end of February 2020, there were 1,005 members. The club holds monthly grief support meetings where people who have lost a loved one can share their thoughts. Support also includes grief seminars held by experts in this field, discussions of personal experiences by club members, concerts and other events.



Our logo represents our dedication to “sound interpersonal relationships.” The elliptical shape represents the world and the “S” stands for our name. The logo uses motif based on the theme of “shining.” Overall, the logo expresses our commitment to helping people lead fulfilling lives, as we assist them with sincerity in many ways, so that people as well as our group can shine brightly.



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