• KOEKISHA was established at the home of the company’s first president Takahiro Murakami in the city of Osaka
  • The company moved to the Kitahama district of Osaka two months later.
  • KOEKISHA was required to merge with Hakuzensha, Tenreisha, Kita-Koekisha and Minami-Koekisha for a stronger business foundation during World War Ⅱ
  • Based on the policy of the government, the merged company was established as KOEISHA, which operated 12 funeral halls in Osaka prefecture (the locations include Kitahama, Kita, Taniroku, Minami, Nagahori).
  • After the war, the company continued to use the KOEISHA name initially, but returned to KOEKISHA because this name was so well known.
  • The Osaka University branch opened on the campus of Osaka University
  • Opened the Sumiyoshi and Toyonaka Office
  • Opened the Morishoji Office
  • The Osaka head office purchased adjacent land and expanded to a two-story wood structure (total of about 516m²).
  • Opened the Nishinari Office (currently the Tamade Office)
  • Opened the Fuse Office (currently the Higashi Osaka Office)
  • Opened the Nakanoshima Transportation Warehouse
  • Opened the Sakai Branch
  • Established Kansai Jidosha Hanbai (subsequently renamed Kansai Jidosha Co., Ltd.)
  • Choku (a type of poem for the departed) posters were placed in Nankai railway cars and street cars in Osaka (The first Choku selected for a poster literally means “Autumn rain takes shape, dampens bamboo”)
  • Established Hayashi Kogei (subsequently renamed DEFI CO., LTD.) for the rental of funeral decorations and other items
  • The Hanshin Office was upgraded to the Nishinomiya Branch
  • Established wholly-owned Osaka Shindai Jidosha K.K. to operate a patient transportation service and Daiko Shoji K.K. to operate a real estate management business
  • The contracted ceremony services, hearse transportation, truck transport and warehouse operations became separate companies and the funeral services business was established as KOEKISHA.
  • KOEKISHA head office divested the transportation and warehouse operations, which became Moriguchi Soko K.K. The company constructed a two-story warehouse with a reinforced concrete structure on a site of about 13,223m2 along the National Route 1 in the city of Moriguchi.
  • Opened the Nishitanabe Office
  • Opened the Senri Funeral Hall along with two other funeral buildings and a building for overnight guests, resulting in a location able to hold four funerals at the same time
  • Opened the Takatsuki Office
  • Established a funeral equipment and supplies center and began the centralized purchase of these items
  • Continued aggressive sales strategy during the slow-growth period after the 1973 oil shock, including the additions of the Kishiwada and Takarazuka offices
  • Opened the Hirakata Funeral Hall to serve the northeastern part of Osaka prefecture
  • Relocated the vehicle center (head office’s first floor) to the new vehicle center in Tsurumi-ku, Osaka, which has a space for large sized vehicles.
  • Opened the Higashi-Osaka Funeral Hall
  • Opened the Sakai Funeral Hall
  • Opened the Suita Funeral Hall and Nishinomiya-Yamate Funeral Hall
  • Opened the Ogimachi-Koyu Funeral Hall
  • Started a qualified pension system as an additional employee benefit and support for financial stability
  • Hearse transportation company KOEKISHA and funeral company KOEKISHA merged
  • The Kitahama Office was upgraded to a branch office at the time of relocation and the Osaka Branch (currently the Tenjinbashi Office) was established
  • Started an employee stockholding association
  • Completed the 10-story Kitahama Excel Building, a new head office and image for KOEKISHA as the company looked ahead to the 21st century
  • After four years of preparations, KOEKISHA was listed on the New Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange
  • Opened the Tokyo Office and Setagaya Office to prepare to begin operations in the Tokyo area; used mail to distribute flyers, held funeral seminars and used other market development activities
  • Opened the Senri Training Center in Momoyamadai, the city of Suita, and started a periodic recruiting program and group lessons for new employees
  • Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange
  • Opened the Senri Office
  • Opened the Nishitanabe Funeral Hall
  • Opened the Kishiwada Funeral Hall
  • Purchased the Tokyo Headquarters Building (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) and moved the Tokyo Office to this building
  • Opened the Yoga Office
  • Opened a new building at the Nishinomiya-Yamate Funeral Hall
  • Replaced the Tokyo Office with the new Tokyo Sales Department and Tokyo Branch
  • Opened the Tamade Funeral Hall
  • Opened the Yoga Funeral Hall
  • Opened the Joto Funeral Hall
  • Held the first corporate funeral seminar in Osaka at the Kitahama Excel Building
  • Opened KOEKISHA Hall Takarazuka
  • Opened the Nara Branch
  • Opened KOEKISHA Hall Toyonaka
  • Opened KOEKISHA Hall Takatsuki
  • Opened the Nishiterao Office
  • Opened KOEKISHA Hall Tomio
  • Absorbed Osaka Shindai Jidosha K.K., which mainly provides a patient transportation service, for the centralized management of all transportation services
  • Established Excel Staff Service Co., Ltd. (currently EXCEL SUPPORT SERVICE CO., LTD.) for recruiting and training people to handle ceremonies and for the management and temporary staffing of these people
  • Opened the Sojiji Office
  • Opened the Kobe Office
  • Opened the Tsukiji Office (currently the Tokyo Branch)
  • Opened the Ibaraki Office
  • Established Excel Travel Co., Ltd. to operate a travel business. Started working with hotels and Japanese restaurants to upgrade services for Buddhist memorial services
  • Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Started PREViO CLUB, a KOEKISHA program for individuals that is a one-stop source of services extending from consultations before a funeral to services following a funeral
  • Listed on the First Sections of the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges and declared a commitment to transparent management, creating funerals from the heart, and increasing corporate value
  • The KOEKISHA logistics, warehouse and equipment business and the Moriguchi Soko warehouse business were divested and combined to establish Excel Logi Co., Ltd.
  • Started an embalming service, including establishment of an embalming center (Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka) in order to present the deceased at a funeral in a state as close as possible to appearance prior to death
  • Established TOKYO KOEKISHA CO., LTD.
  • The KOEKISHA hearse transportation business, the microbus transportation business of Kansai Jidosha Co., Ltd. and the truck transportation business of Moriguchi Soko were divested and combined to establish the new Kansai Jidosha Co., Ltd.
  • Opened the Moriguchi Office
  • KOEKISHA absorbed Moriguchi Soko K.K., which leased real estate to KOEKISHA Group companies
  • Opened the Chitosekarasuyama Office
  • Opened the Myorenji Office
  • Opened KOEKISHA Hall Moriguchi
  • Established Yuai Co., Ltd. to operate a family altar gallery
  • Opened the Tsurumi Office (Yokohama)
  • Opened the Embalming Center in the city of Moriguchi
  • Established the KOEKISHA Funeral Science College to train embalmers who can use the world’s most advanced technologies in this field
  • Opened Sangenjaya and Kyodo Offices
  • Opened DEFI Nagomian Kitahama Itami Store
  • Opened Minoh Office
  • Opened KOEKISHA Yukigaya Funeral Hall
  • KOEKISHA was renamed SAN HOLDINGS, INC. due to the change to a holding company structure. The new KOEKISHA CO., LTD. was then established through a divestiture of the funeral and transportation businesses.
  • Established KOEKISHA Funeral Science College
  • The Nishitanabe Funeral Hall was reconstructed and named the KOEKISHA Hall Nishitanabe
  • SAN HOLDINGS acquired all of the stock of funeral company SOU-SEN CORPORATION, which is based in the city of Yonago, making SOU-SEN a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • Opened KOEKISHA Hall Meidaimae
  • Opened the Hiyoshi Office
  • Enlarged and remodeled the Tamade Funeral Hall
  • The first nine graduates of KOEKISHA Funeral Science College were certified as embalmers
  • Opened KOEKISHA Hall Tama-Plaza
  • Opened KOEKISHA Hall Nakamozu
  • Opened the DEFI Nagomian Kitahama Uriwari Store
  • Opened the Minoh YUAI family altar gallery
  • Opened the Tokyo Embalming Center
  • Received Privacy Mark certification
  • Opened the Senrioka Office
  • Acquired TARUI CO., LTD., a funeral company operating in the city of Akashi and nearby areas in Hyogo prefecture, making TARUI a wholly owned subsidiary
  • Constructed a new Senri Funeral Hall adjacent to the original hall
  • Opened the Habikino Office
  • Opened the DEFI Nagomian Kitahama Shijonawate Store
  • KOEKISHA absorbed Excel Logi Co., Ltd.
  • Established a new corporate philosophy and code of conduct for the SAN HOLDINGS Group
  • Announced the 10 Year Vision for the SAN HOLDINGS Group and started the first medium-term management plan
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Kyozen-Habikino Funeral Hall
  • KOEKISHA and SAN HOLDINGS started using a visual identity system by announcing new corporate symbols and logos
  • Established the Tokyo/Osaka dual head office structure and relocated offices
  • Moved the Moriguchi Business Center to Higashi Osaka
  • Excel Staff Service Co., Ltd. absorbed TOKYO KOEKISHA
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Denenchofu Funeral Hall
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Morishoji Funeral Hall
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Sumiyoshi-Mikage Funeral Hall
  • The temporary staffing business and decedent cleansing business of Excel Staff Service Co., Ltd. were terminated and this cleansing business was restarted at KOEKISHA.
  • KOEKISHA absorbed Kansai Jidosha Co., Ltd. and YUAI Co., Ltd.
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Gakuenmae Funeral Hall
  • Opened the TARUI Funeral Hall in Deai (currently Kobe Nishi)
  • Opened the TARUI Funeral Hall in Chohanji
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Takanawa Funeral Hall
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Ishibashi Funeral Hall
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Sengawa Funeral Hall
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Koenji Funeral Hall
  • Excel Staff Service Co., Ltd. absorbed the catering business of DEFI CO., LTD.
  • KOEKISHA absorbed the flower business of DEFI CO., LTD.
  • Excel Staff Service Co., Ltd. was renamed EXCEL SUPPORT SERVICE CO., LTD.
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Esaka Funeral Hall
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Hiyoshi Funeral Hall
  • Constructed a new KOEKISHA Tenjinbashi Funeral Hall at the same location
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Saidaiji Funeral Hall
  • Started a new medium-term business plan (FY2016-FY2018) based on the accomplishments of the previous plan (FY2013-FY2015) and changes in market conditions
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Rokkomichi Funeral Hall
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Konanyamate Funeral Hall
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Kuzuha Funeral Hall
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Mukonoso Funeral Hall
  • Constructed a new TARUI Funeral Hall in Okuradani adjacent to the original hall
  • Completely remodeled the SOU-SEN Yonago Funeral Hall
  • Constructed a new KOEKISHA Nishinomiya-Yamate Funeral Hall at the same location
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Kitami Funeral Hall
  • Started the end-of-life support business as a new business domain.
  • Used funeral catering knowledge as the basis for opening two directly operated ramen restaurants in Osaka (the first Nishiohashi store and the second Nishinakajima store) using the Umai Men Niwa Fuku Kitaru (“Delicious noodles Brings Happiness”) brand
  • Opened the TARUI Funeral Hall in Nishiakashi
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Koshienguchi Funeral Hall
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Senriyamada Funeral Hall
  • Constructed a new KOEKISHA Hirakata Funeral Hall at the same location
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Higashikurume Funeral Hall
  • Started a nursing care business; Opened and started operating day care facilities specializing in rehabilitation using the POSSIBLE brand
  • Opened POSSIBLE Minoh Makiochi
  • Opened POSSIBLE Ikeda
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Hall Tsukuno
  • Started the FY2019-FY2021 medium-term management plan
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Kamiitabashi Funeral Hall
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Kichijoji Funeral Hall
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Korien Funeral Hall
  • Opened the TARUI Funeral Hall in Kitaokubo
  • Opened POSSIBLE Kotoen
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Kawanishi-Tada Funeral Hall
  • Opened the KOEKISHA Hirakata-Deyashiki Funeral Hall

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