Key objectives of the FY3/20-FY3/22 medium-term management plan

1Firmly establish the new corporate philosophy

Make everyone at the SAN HOLDINGS Group aware of and committed to the new corporate philosophy for accomplishing new mission defined by this philosophy as well as the SAN HOLDINGS vision and the targets of the medium-term management plan.

Figure: Firmly establish the new corporate philosophy

2Create a more powerful workforce

Continue upgrading the skills of our people, who are critical to the ability to compete and win in a business climate that is constantly changing rapidly and in many ways.

  • Established the Employee Education Department to strengthen the infrastructure for upgrading skills
  • Use classroom and on-the-job training to increase the effectiveness of employee training programs
  • Recruiting activities
  • Revisions to performance assessment and other personnel systems

3Improve the quality of services

Continue activities for improving the quality of services. Differentiating our services from those of our competitors will require the ability to provide services with outstanding quality and substantial added value. This is why we have a strong commitment to upgrading the quality of our services in every way.

  • Standardize and clearly define services
  • Further increase the use of manuals
  • Establish a sound quality management framework for maintaining and improving the quality of all services.

4Increase operating efficiency

To improve productivity, we are reexamining our business processes and the roles of our activities and using IT and other measures for raising efficiency.

  • Established the System and Operation Division to strengthen the framework for these activities.
  • Reexamine activities and roles of business activities and use IT to increase efficiency.

5Broaden the lineup of end-of-life support

Increase the breadth of business operations to become an organization that provides total support for the final stage of life.

Figure: Broaden the lineup of end-of-life support

6Make new businesses more profitable

We will continue to take on the challenge of creating businesses that can become additional profit centers of the SAN HOLDINGS Group based on a long-term perspective. For new businesses already operating, we will work on making them more profitable so they can quickly contribute to consolidated earnings.

Businesses started during the previous medium-term management plan

  • Restaurant business (ramen)
    Started in 2016
    Operating three restaurants using the Umai Men Niwa Fuku Kitaru brand.
  • Nursing care business
    Started in 2017
    Day care services centered on rehabilitation
    Operating two day care facilities using the POSSIBLE brand.

7Extend the funeral business to more areas of Japan

Expand into more areas, mainly in major cities in eastern and western Japan, with emphasis on speed.

Open funeral halls in locations with good prospects for high returns on investments. The goal is to add 13 funeral halls during the medium-term management plan.

Graph: Extend the funeral business to more areas of Japan

8Upgrade risk management

Continue upgrading frameworks for risk management, compliance, corporate governance, internal controls and crisis management along with close cooperation among these activities.

  • Perform thorough assessments for the reexamination of major risk factors
  • Strengthen education concerning ethics and compliance